Mirador de Humboldt en La Orotava

Ecological pillar of sustainable development

A greener tourism in the Canary Islands

  • Collaboration with the authorities
  • Small groups limited to 7 people
  • With concerned tour guides
  • Zero disposable products and good practice tips for travelers
  • On each confirmed quote, a part is transferred to the local NGO Asociación Ecoturismo en Canarias ECAN

GuiaNatura EcoTourism for an ecological tourism in the Canary Islands

We are very lucky to be in a territory of which almost the half is declared as protected natural area (40% of the archipelago). This is a unique opportunity to avoid excessive building in environments which need to be preserved, where we find many species that exist only here (endemic).

canarian protected natural spaces

©  Canary Islands government

Map of the protected natural areas in the Canary Islands

Aware of this wealth in terms of biodiversity, we are constantly working with the authorities to find the best way to show these spaces to travellers while helping with their preservation.

Environmental tourism in the Canary Islands

We work with specialised tour guides who take special care of the environment.

During our excursions, groups are limited to 7 people to reduce the impact and ensure a pleasant time for all.

In addition, we do not offer disposable or harmful products to the environment to our customers during visits (bags, bottles or plastic straws). For example, we bought washable and reusable flasks to ensure our customers comfort while limiting the production of waste.

We share our convictions and give green tips to travellers.

We work with an association for sustainable tourism in the Canary Islands

By transferring an amount in each confirmed quote to the local NGO Asociación Ecoturismo en Canarias ECAN, together, we participate indirectly in the development of projects for the environment preservation in the Canary Islands as the annual rescue of the Cory's Shearwater in Tenerife.

Natural tourism and leisures in Tenerife as during scientific explorations

Our desire is to get our clients closer to nature in order to reawaken awareness of its importance, its beauty and put it back in the heart of our concerns.

We offer ecological tours with guides that educate theirselves constantly about natural sciences. In fact, our tours defer by being accompanied by concerned guides, close to nature.

Throughout the visit and according to your interests, you will discover the secrets of the nature that surrounds you and practice activities very directed towards the nature discovery, such as birdwatching or walks through nature. You will feel like an explorer paying close attention to the details of your surroundings.

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