Upholsterer statue in La Orotava

Social pillar of sustainable development

A more solidary tourism in the Canary Islands

  • Faithful interpretation of local heritage
  • We work to offer free services
  • People-centered providers
  • Surveys on employee conditions

GuiaNatura Ecotourism for an ethical tourism in the Canary Islands

During our excursions, we do our best to transmit an image of the local heritage and culture as faithful as possible to the reality thanks to a long experience in the field and the necessary trainings.

We believe that it is important that travelers have a certain awareness of the local people history and problems when they visit their place of residence.

GuiaNatura EcoTourism works with local companies that respect the fundamental rights of the inhabitants by offering them good working conditions. We take the time to conduct employee surveys to ensure their satisfaction.

For a fair tourism in the Canary Islands

The economic crisis excuse has led many tourism companies to pressure their employees by requesting twice as much work for the same salary, arguing that other people are waiting to work in their place. Collaborating with people-centered providers, GuiaNatura EcoTourism wants to encourage the change towards a sustainable tourism mode.

For a social tourism in the Canary Islands

We also work with administrations to provide free services to the local population in order to make heritage accessible to all people. For example, some people in need benefited from a free visit of the Teide National Park accompanied by a guide of GuiaNatura EcoTourism.

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