Covid-19 Notice

Please, read carefully the following conditions

On this page, you will find guidelines and recommendations to be applied when contracting with GuiaNatura EcoTourism.
These elements will help to minimise the risk of SARS-CoV-2 virus infection, during the service.
We recommend that you read the conditions carefully and especially the General conditions, the ones corresponding to your activity and item 9.Questionnaire concerning the registration form.

- This information can be modified in order to update it as needed. The last date of update is: 2020, October the 9th.
- It is assumed that the information contained in the form will remain strictly confidential, regardless of any modifications to the following text.
- The following conditions are part of a SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) contingency plan that you can request by writing to


  1. General conditions
    In the context of the current crisis, the administration requires that any company carrying out tourism activities must comply with health safety criteria. The aim of this requirement is to offer a destination that provides the necessary health safety for tourists visiting the Canary Islands. At GuiaNatura EcoTourism we want to offer you the best conditions so that you can enjoy your activity with complete peace of mind.

    In order to guarantee the health safety of the people taking part in the activity, the person responsible for the reservation will receive, with the confirmation, the important indications to be respected during the activity. It is your legal responsibility to communicate these instructions to the participants for whom you made the reservation.
    General obligations

    • The participant undertakes to comply with the recommendations, standards and advice of the health authorities regarding SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).
    • The appointment will be held 5 minutes before the agreed time to avoid a delay due to protocol.
    • The participant accepts the temperature control carried out when the guide considers it necessary (at least once at the beginning of the activity). The temperature limit defined in agreement with the health authorities is 37.8ºC. Above this temperature participation in the activity will be refused.
    • The participant must wear a personal protective mask.
    • The minimum safety distance of 1.5 metres must be maintained at all times between people who are not living together. If this is not possible, the use of a mask is mandatory.
    • At all times, participants in the activity should avoid physical contact.
    • Personal cleaning during the activity should be carried out regularly (washing hands with soap and water or, if not available, with a disinfectant solution), especially after having been in contact with potentially contaminated surfaces, sneezing, coughing or being near a person we have identified with signs of illness.
    • Each person must use the hydroalcoholic gel before entering the vehicle, each time he or she accesses it.
    • Personal equipment must be used by only one person and never shared (sunscreen, water bottle, telephone, sunglasses, walking stick, cap or any other item of clothing, etc.).

    Guide's obligations

    • The guide is in charge of changing the work clothes after each activity and of washing daily (between 60º and 90ºC) the clothes used in contact with the public.
    • The guide carries out a self-check of the body temperature before leaving home to travel to the meeting point. In case of temperature (above 37.8ºC) or any other suspicious symptom, the service will be cancelled.
    • The guide checks his o her protective equipment (masks, gloves, hydroalcoholic gel).
    • In case the transport service is external to the company, the guide is in charge of verifying and coordinating the protocol with the transport staff (at least 15 minutes before the beginning of the service).
    • Before starting the activity, the guide explains the compulsory health and safety rules.
    • Items used in common by activity participants are disinfected before each activity.

    Registration obligation
    Each participant will also be asked to complete a health questionnaire online, whose data will be kept for 14 days after the activity and will be used only in the event of demonstrated contagion within 14 days of the activity.
    Within this context, each person participating in an activity must provide his or her details (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, day and time of the activity), undertake to comply with the rules laid down and authorise the health authorities to use his or her data for monitoring purposes in the event of confirmed contagion.

    You can consult the specific conditions for each type of activity we offer.

  1. Activity with guide only
    Those who participate in an activity will have to follow the guide's instructions at all times. In the case of an activity in a shared vehicle (use of the participant's own vehicle), please read the recommendations under Carrying out the activity in item 3. Activity with transport.


  1. Activity with transport

    • The vehicle is cleaned and disinfected before each activity, using specific authorised products, with special emphasis on the most frequent contact areas (seats, handles, armrests).
    • GuiaNatura EcoTourism keeps a record of the cleanings carried out.

    Carrying out the activity
    During the activity, the following conditions are mandatory:

    • Participants must keep the same seats throughout the activity, without changing seats at any time.
    • Only the guide can open the vehicle doors from the outside.
    • To avoid any risk of contamination, we will not use air conditioning.
    • In accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities, the air inside the vehicle is renewed as regularly as possible (by opening the doors at each stop, opening the windows on the road).

    Material delivery
    In case of an activity with transport included in the service offered by GuiaNatura EcoTourism :

    • Each participant will receive a bottle of hydroalcoholic gel and a protective mask.
    • Each person will receive an individual isothermal bottle that has been disinfected beforehand.


  1. Birdwatching activity

    • We accept groups of up to 5 people.
    • Each person participating in the activity will bring his or her own binoculars.
    • In the case of binoculars provided, they are for individual use only and must not be shared under any circumstances.
    • For the use of the telescope, participants will each receive an eyepiece protector for individual use.


  1. Stargazing activity

    • We accept groups of up to 7 people.
    • For the use of the telescope, participants will each receive an eyepiece protector for individual use.


  1. Walking activity

    • We accept groups of up to 9 people.
    • The safety distance must be strictly respected at all times for people who do not live together:
      1.5 metres minimum distance;
      5 metres during moderate physical activity;
      10 metres during intense physical activity.
    • When distancing is not possible, people must wear a mask.
    • Crossing with other walkers must be done respecting the rules of distance. Priority is given to those who climb.
    • Discussions will be kept to a minimum during the walk.
    • In case of strong wind, the use of the mask is mandatory.


  1. Teide climbing activity
    Cable car

    • The use of the mask is compulsory throughout the entire process of access to the cable car and on board the cabin.

    Access to the path

    • The use of the mask is compulsory when presenting yourself at the checkpoint of the permit and identity documents.


  1. Partner activity
    GuiaNatura EcoTourism offers you activities carried out by partners. In the case of booking this type of activity, the conditions will be determined according to the criteria of the company with which we collaborate. We will inform you in detail according to the service you choose.
    As a general rule, it is useful to know that:


      - Maintaining a distance of 1.5 metres is the best barrier to prevent infection;
      - The use of a mask is compulsory if the minimum distance of 1.5 metres from other participants in the activity cannot be respected;
      - Regular hand washing is strongly recommended.


  1. Questionnaire
    A preliminary questionnaire will be sent by e-mail to those registered for any reserved activity with GuiaNatura EcoTourism. The data obtained from this survey will be used to estimate the participation in the reserved activity and for the proper management of the current SARS-CoV-2 crisis (COVID-19).

    The data collected in this form are as follows:

    • Personal data: name, surname, identification number, address, telephone number, e-mail.
    • Health data: health problems (diabetes, liver, immunodeficiency, cancer, arterial, cardiovascular, pulmonary, respiratory, hypertension, injuries, reduced mobility), pregnant woman, over 60 years old, contact with Covid-19 and symptoms.

    Theses datas are strictly confidential and are subject to the law of personal datas protection. The information obtained through this form will be used for health security purposes and will be shared exclusively (if necessary) with the health authorities.

    The answers will be kept in an encrypted file for 14 days from the date of the activity. After this period, all information will be completely deleted.
    The form must be completed by each person registered for the activity. In the case of a minor, the form will be filled in by the legally responsible person.

    The form must be completed between 24 and 12 hours before the appointment time for the activity.

    Any registered person has the right to request access, modification, cancellation, opposition and limitation of processing by contacting (attaching a copy of your ID).

    Refusal to respond to this form will be understood as a cancellation by the client. We will then apply the refund according to the established conditions of sale:
    It is the person's responsibility to contact as soon as possible GuiaNatura EcoTourism at or calling +34 686 31 90 35


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