Discover where to go and what to do in the Canary Islands

With an official tour guide

  • Private guided tours
  • Fully customizable program
  • With official tour guides
  • And activity opportunities (sports, nature and others)

GuiaNatura EcoTourism creates its tours so that you can discover the uniqueness and authenticity of the Canarian archipelago through the practice of your interests, while they are related to nature, culture, architecture, history, gastronomy, sports and much more.

Tours in the Canary Islands made for you

Our goal is to offer you a program of visits that suits you the best in the Canary Islands, according to what you like, the time you have and your needs (transport, tour guide, food, accessibility).

  • For single people or groups up to 7 people
  • Larger groups upon request for an adaptation of the tours
  • Different activities can be added to these tours
  • This list of possibilities is not exhaustive
  • They can be combined among themselves and with others not systematically listed on this web page

We adapt to your wishes!