The best of Tenerife with an official tour guide

GuiaNatura EcoTourism, a passion for the Canary Islands nature to share


GuiaNatura EcoTourism is born from the experience of a nature lover in the Canary Islands. He discovered many protected natural areas here and after a long experience of guide in those wild environments, the vision of ecotourism clearly appeared.


Actually, this is possible to discover exceptional places preserving nature, culture and local populations.

With official tour guides

In order to offer the best service to the visitors of the archipelago, GuiaNatura EcoTourism chooses to work exclusively with official tour guides able to show you the true richness of the Canary Islands. On each island, you will be accompanied by a guide specialised in his field and with the official title of the Canary Islands Government. We work, among others, with members of the APIT Tenerife association.

Jean Guy, the company founder
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To develop an alternative tourism in the Canary Islands

Throughout his 10 years of experience in the field, the best professionals joined Jean-Guy to develop a different tourism than the one many travellers to the Canary Islands have in mind.

We found ways to improve the impact of our tours on the environment and the people of the Canary Islands:

  • On each confirmed offer, a part is transferred to the non-profit organisation Association Ecoturismo en Canarias ECAN working on sustainable local development.
  • Personal commitment of the founder in the association and its local projects.
  • Small groups (maximum of 7 people)
  • Sustainable relationship with local partners (restaurants, transport companies, guides and other suppliers)

Our partners trust us:

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