Jean-Guy: official tour guide in the Canary Islands

Starlight guide and naturalist specialised in ornithology

From the roots to the sky

Jean-Guy, grandson of a Breton sailor, open to the travel, the look towards the horizon and always ready for a new adventure, decided to follow the flight of the terns, that he likes so much, to go and settle in the Canary Islands in 2006. But this is not his first expatriation experience. Before he has been working as a volunteer during a year as part of a rural development project in an African country: Burkina Faso.

Milky way with trees shadows

The "upstanding men" taught him to be satisfied with what the Universe is offering to him every day, always giving the best of his person.

After a brief journey home to Brittany, the destiny opened him a new path. Gifted with a professional experience of 18 years in companies, associations and administrations, he was heading towards a new life. With his backpack, he started his travel hitchhiking between Brest and Paris before taking his flight to an unknown destination.

The Canary Islands, his new land

Once again close to Africa, Jean-Guy arrived in the Canary Islands with a technical expertise in managing natural areas and wanted to work to help preserving the environment. He found his way in life thanks to his good interpersonal skills and the help of the local population.

His passion for ornithology led him to discover the people and the land that he will show you.

Today, official tour guide living in Tenerife, Jean-Guy is also the president of an association that develops actions for the ecotourism in the Canary Islands. He will enjoy sharing with you his enriched knowledge by several years living in a village far from the tourist area.

Ecotourism association in the Canary Islands

Developing ecotourism in the Canary Islands, a long way...

In 2006, Jean-Guy arrived with his backpack in Tenerife with the aim of working for the preservation of the environment. Fleeing from the mass tourism model, he chose to live in a village at 600 meters of height on the west coast of the island where he was the only French-speaking person. His technical training in natural areas management allows him to integrate a team of Canarian forest workers during his first year of life in Tenerife.

He discovered many natural areas as part of an European conservation program of these unique places.

From 2007, he was working as a guide in the "Barranco del Infierno" special natural reserve. This two-years experience allowed him to reconcile his knowledge in management and protection of natural environment with information to a public of residents and tourists in a natural place.

Barranco del Infierno in Tenerife

Official Canary Islands tour guide, and more...

Continuously completing and updating his training, he acquired knowledge about other pieces of the islands richness (historical, cultural, gastronomic heritage) and thanks to several years of experience as a hiking guide, he offers today his services as a tour guide, intermediary and active tourism provider.

His objective is to help you planning a responsible travel full of discoveries in the Canary Islands.

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