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Visit the best places of the Canary Island with our guides

And practice sustainable tourism

  • Passionate about the Canary Islands
  • Training continuously
  • With environmental and social consciousness
  • And specialised in many fields

Interpreters of the heritage for a cultural, natural and sustainable tourism

Passionate about their native or adopted islands, they have been training and passed an exam to get the official tour guide certificate issued by the local government.

Therefore, they can enlighten you a lot about the local natural and cultural heritage both in a general and precise way, especially related to those who were there before them.

Specialised tour guides in the Canary Islands

In addition to this training and independently, each one has enriched his knowledge on different topics in relation to their interests. There goal is always to bring more interesting information during the tours, for you, coming to discover the Canary Islands for the first or tenth time.

For example, they are specialised guides in botany, ornithology, history, astrology, geology.

Most are members of the Association of Professional guides of the Island of Tenerife (APIT) that allows them to update their knowledge with training. They also meet regularly to facilitate exchanges and communication.

Some of these Canary Islands guides

Miguel Fernández del Castillo Andersen

Cesar-Javier Palacios

Carlos Jesús Pérez Simancas

A customized tour in the Canary Islands

With years of experience in the field, our guides also know the good people to find you the best activities (sport related or not).

Their responsibility is to share with you their love for these islands, rich in many aspects...

GuiaNatura EcoTourism can find for you the guide that shares your interests and will be able to create a tour that suits you so that your stay in the Canary Islands will be an unforgettable experience.

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