Find the best of the Canary Islands

Guided by specialists and effortlessly

Some people prefer to discover the place of their stay on their own but there are many advantages to call on a professional tour guide.

Visiting accompanied by a guide will allow you to discover beautiful places, sometimes unknown, and to understand their stories without spending most of your time the nose sticked to a paper guide.

Here are 12 other good reasons to share your visit with one of our local tour guides:

1. Customised service

You can choose the elements of your programme between many opportunities that we offer or according to your own wishes, GuiaNatura EcoTourism handles logistics.

2. Official service

You are guaranteed to be accompanied by an official tour guide entitled by the authorities, declared and paying local taxes.

3. In your language

Our tour guides speack French, Spanish and English.

4. Safety

Your guide knows very well the places where he will bring you and you are permanently covered by our insurance.

5. Optimised time

You avoid to constantly look for the way. Your guide will bring you wherever you want, with the best transport options to allow you to make the most of the environment around you.

6. Guaranteed discoveries

You benefit from a global and detailed interpretation of the elements that you will find on your way (landscape, fauna, flora, history, ethnography etc.), oriented according to your interests.

7. Real information

You are accompanied by an official tour guide trained on these islands. He lives there and knows the local reality since he is a part of it. In addition, a part of his job is to train continuously to update his knowledge.

8. Flexibility

If you have a specific request for last minutes, we adapt the program according to the possibilities.

9. Privileged access

As official tour guides, we have special rights to access protected areas where the number of visitors is limited daily. Your guide may allow you to enter even if the limit is reached for standard travelers.

10. Secret places

Your guide can bring you out the beaten tracks, his job is to constantly explore new places.

11. Sustainable development

Through GuiaNatura EcoTourism, you participate in a great development of the place of your stay thanks to a financial support brought to actors of the ecotourism in the Canary Islands.

12. Souvenirs

It is well known that by understanding things, Men remember it longer. GuiaNatura EcoTourism offers you to build together an unforgettable memory of the Canary Islands and their authenticity. At your request, we can also take you free photos during the excursion, when others sell them...

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