Mary Cabral: active and zen tour guide

Acrobat and climber


In love with Tenerife

Born in London, but of Portuguese origin, she grew up in the south of England in a bilingual and culturally very rich and affectionate family, based in the UK, which loves to travel. In her twenties she came to Tenerife with the idea of visiting the Canary Islands, Madeira and Azores before returning to Cascais in Portugal.

However, 15 years later, and curiously for some, she is still on the largest island in the Canarian archipelago, Tenerife.

Currently living municipality of Santa Úrsula in the north of in the Tenerife.


A history with Portugal and England

Thanks to an eclectic history, not only did the Spanish play an important role in the history of the islands, but also Portuguese and English have had a great influence on the Canary Islands over the centuries.


Without a doubt the traces of her ancestors who are still here influenced Mary to be settle happily on this land, feeling as if she were at home speaking Spanish of Canarian origin, which contains many Portuguese words and phrases that come from the Portuguese carpenters and winemakers who passed through the islands.


There have also been many famous English visitors to the Canaries over the years, including Olivia Stone, Agatha Christie and The Beatles. As a tourist guide, when visitors come to enjoy Tenerife, Mary tells them these enchanting stories about the islands and shows them how they can connect with them, even though they may be tourists who visit these islands from places thousands of miles away.

Mary Cabral portrait

© Mary Cabral


Complete tour guide

She offers her guiding services in 4 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. She also offers specialised hiking services, and can recommend to you where to go rock climbing or to do canyoning activities. She also knows places to practice meditation in nature.

She offers people a personalised experience, rich in history and culture, whether it's a guided city tour, an excursion to get to know nature and understand the geological formation or discover local traditions.

As you can see, Mary loves to adapt to your personal needs as a visitor and makes your visit to our beautiful island unforgettable, whether you've come to recharge your batteries and need to rest while learning about the local culture and history or if you want to experience something more challenging, while walking in the national park or climbing a cone of eroded volcanic scoria cone at sunset.


Wellness Ambassador

Mary's other Zen facet leads her to practice Thai massage and therapeutic flying.

In addition, as a lover of yoga and even more so of Acroyoga (acrobatic yoga), she devotes a lot of time to her spiritual side.

As a person committed to well-being, she is dedicated to leading associations that offer retreats for women who have suffered from cancer and need time to recover and heal in a place as beautiful as Tenerife.

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